November – Month of the Holy Souls

Each year we are invited to remember and pray for our dead. This year although we can’t attend mass in person we are invited to join online and pray for our loved ones. 

Here in Ballygall during November we hope to have an online Eucharistic Holy Hour concluding with benediction. This will be a time of praying in a special way for those who have gone before us. Do join us.

Thursday 7.30pm 

Mission Sunday

Sunday is the traditional day that we support the works of the Missions through prayer and a special collection towards the Mission activity of the church. This year with restrictions in place we are unable to be present for Mass on Saturday (6.30pm) and Sunday morning (10am). You are invited to support the work of the missions by taking and returning an envelope with your donation either in the post box at the church shop door or through either of the presbyteries. For further details see 

“World Mission Sunday is the Holy Father’s annual appeal so the life-giving work of missionaries can continue. This year celebrations will take place over the weekend of the 18th October.

During this time, all parishes worldwide will offer Mass collections and donations to aid the work of missionaries and mission overseas. World Mission Sunday takes place in every parish where the Church is present. Including, not only across Ireland and Europe, but also in poorer parishes in the developing world. This is why it is such a special moment because it allows all members of the universal Church family, regardless of location or background, to play a part in supporting each other.

Right now, missionaries desperately need our support. In many poorer parishes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, missionaries are on the front line. They already do so much. Walking hand-in-hand with marginalised communities, long before and long after any emergency. Worryingly the pandemic means World Mission Sunday is in real jeopardy. Show missionaries you care by supporting World Mission Sunday. Your prayers and generosity will change lives.”

Confirmation & First Holy Communion Update 2020

Having met with the principals of our local schools we have decided in light of current government restrictions to postpone the celebrations of these sacraments for the time being. Parents will be contacted informing them of this decision in the near future. 

As time progresses we will be in a better position to know more and will let families know as soon as is safely possible to have a more wholesome celebration of these sacraments.

August update on Church movement

It seems that things are going to be the same in church for the short term if not even longer. Well done to all who are helping make church attendance possible. We can keep our 98 capacity comfortably seated at mass on weekdays (10am) and Saturday vigil (6.30pm) and Sunday morning (10am only). This is workable as we have the church divided into two halves. Those who enter on the left, stay on the left and exit on the left and the same for those on the right-hand side. To keep the 4 metres separation those sitting at the main aisle are reminded of sitting not at the edge of the seat but in one metre from the edge (behind the yellow poster).

For funerals in line with government regulations we are still only permitted to have 50 present as we are using the one door to enter and exit. Non family members if attending are reminded to remain outside and while keeping the socially required distance of 2 metres can join via the loudspeaker or continue to view via webcam.

For all who enter the church the requirements are to sanitise one’s hands both entering and leaving the church. Gloves are not advisable as these are not a protection for others in the church. Face coverings/masks are strongly recommended though not obligatory unless moving closer than the 2 metres required. Most people in church are wearing coverings. When preparing to receive Holy Communion you are reminded of the procedure of removing the coverings. Slip off one ear and leave the face mask hang rather than pulling it down your chin. This helps prevent any contamination. After receiving Holy Communion you can slip back on the mask over the ear again for safety.  At the weekend masses, missalettes are given out. You are encouraged to bring these away as we are not allowed to reuse them. On the way out from Mass newsletters are available to be taken away.

Ballygall parish is doing well and we thank you for your support and patience as we journey together to keep our celebrations safe and prayerful.

More can attend church

Since last weekend we have been informed that we can now safely welcome up to 100 people in Ballygall church for Masses. This means that people will be able to sit in family groups as normal but we can facilitate more in the church keeping the 2 metres social distance requirement. Each row can take from 3 to 5 people/family groups depending on the size of the row. We are keeping the idea of ‘filling from the front’ and working towards the back of the church. For the duration of mass people are encouraged to take and remain in their places.

At the weekend Masses (Saturday vigil 6.30 and Sunday 10am) up to 100 will be accommodated comfortably in the church. This will mean that not everyone will be able to attend each weekend. Perhaps coming every few weeks or coming during the week to the 10am morning mass instead.

Stewards are on hand to enable as many as possible will be able to be physically present. When our quota is filled people can remain outside and join through the loudspeaker which will convey the mass to them. Holy Communion will be brought to those outside as well as those inside. You are asked to remain in your place throughout.

Thank you for your patience in these different times.

The Web Cam is back and people can join us online as usual.

Tuesday 7th July WebCab

This may not be of much use to you but

is up and working at the moment. We still can’t log on normally but at least the techies can find us.

Apologies but we are working at getting the webcam back on our Web site

No Webcam

Our apologies for no camera on Saturday. Chances are the same will happen tomorrow Sunday. Hopefully it will be sorted out soon. We have contacted MCN our webcam provider but there is no one available at the weekend. Echoes of the Gospel. Come to me all who labour and I shall give you rest. They are taking their rest!

Mass tomorrow in Redemptoristine monastery ( at 9.30; OLV ( at 10 am, Iona Road ( at 11am and in Glasnevin church ( at 12 & 6.30pm.

Mass tomorrow in Ballygall will be at 10am but numbers are restricted to 50 family units/persons. Apologies if webcam won’t work. Those who have the parish radio can tune in as normal.

Holy Hour

Since COVID 19 has led to our churches being closed for public celebration of the Eucharist, each Wednesday at 7.30pm a led Holy Hour has taken place here in Ballygall. One of the priests from the grouping led us in reflections and quiet prayer finishing with Benediction. It has been a time for us to pray to Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament for an end to this pandemic that is restricting us in so many ways.

Since our neighbouring churches have access to the webcam, the Holy Hour has been led from the church that the priest due to lead is located in. For the next two weeks (17th & 24th June) it will be broadcast from Our Lady of Dolours church ( This will hopefully bring us to the next phase of restrictions being lifted and we will be able to host active participation in our own church.

Donations towards Ballygall Parish

A huge thank you to all those who are donating online towards the ongoing maintenance of our parish. In these difficult times it is great to see people supporting the parish. Keep up the good work!

People are leaving in Family Offering envelopes to the church via the presbyteries and that is appreciated too. Thanks to those who are leaving in envelopes marked out for the “Common Fund” which goes towards the support of the clergy and the “Share Fund” which is supporting the work of the diocese. (Both of these are the normal collections taken up during Mass). The diocese has issued us with envelopes for both Sunday collections. (Common Fund & Share). These can be left in the normal way though the presbytery on St. Canice’s Road or directly to the church shop post box.

Some people are leaving in donations for “Trocaire” which are feeling the bite in these difficult times. St Vincent de Paul donations can also be left in and these will be forwarded in due course to our local conference. They will be needing your support in the near and distant future. Please mark out each donations and they will go to their respective destinations in due course.

Thank you for your support. 

Frs. Joseph Ryan/Harry Gaynor

May – Mary Queen of the May

We have just begun a new month, the month of Mary. This month sees a continuation of the lockdown because of the Coronavirus COVID-19. However time continues and we can use this month to develop the great tradition of the rosary. There are plenty of resources online but the rosary is still the simplest prayer of all in our christian tradition. Each decade begins with the Our Father, 10 Hail Marys and concludes with the Glory be.

Traditionally the rosary is recited while reflecting on different aspects of our Lord. Glorious Mysteries: Sunday & Wednesday; Joyful Mysteries: Monday & Saturday; Sorrowful Mysteries: Tuesday & Friday; Luminous Mysteries: Thursday. (In some places on Sundays during Advent & Christmas the Joyful mysteries are recited and during Lent the Sorrowful Mysteries are recited).

The “Queen of the May” is a very popular hymn for this month. Different versions can be found on Youtube. Canon Sydney MacEwan, Frank Patterson, James Kilbane and Maureen Hegarty are among those on a quick search. (Also on search is a beautiful version uploaded by Eamonn Monson. Lovely pictures!) One could spend happy hours listening online. Many other Marian hymns are also available.

Prayer of Pope Francis for the month of May

O Mary, you shine continuously along our journey as a sign of salvation and hope. We entrust ourselves to you, health of the sick, who at the cross were near to the pain of Jesus, keeping your faith firm. You, Salvation of the Roman people, know what we need, and we trust that you will provide for those needs so that, as at Cana of Galilee, joy and celebration may return after this moment of trial.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love, to conform ourselves to the will of the Father and to do what Jesus tells us, He who took our sufferings upon Himself, and took up our sorrows to bring us, through the Cross, to the joy of the Resurrection. Amen

We seek refuge under your protection, O Holy Mother of God. do not despise our please – we who are put to the test – and deliver us from every danger, O glorious and blessed Virgin.


“As I Kneel before You”

“Luminous Mysteries” Introduction only…

“Glorious Mysteries”

“Sorrowful Mysteries”

“Joyful Mysteries”