Mission Sunday

Sunday is the traditional day that we support the works of the Missions through prayer and a special collection towards the Mission activity of the church. This year with restrictions in place we are unable to be present for Mass on Saturday (6.30pm) and Sunday morning (10am). You are invited to support the work of the missions by taking and returning an envelope with your donation either in the post box at the church shop door or through either of the presbyteries. For further details see www.wmi.ie 

“World Mission Sunday is the Holy Father’s annual appeal so the life-giving work of missionaries can continue. This year celebrations will take place over the weekend of the 18th October.

During this time, all parishes worldwide will offer Mass collections and donations to aid the work of missionaries and mission overseas. World Mission Sunday takes place in every parish where the Church is present. Including, not only across Ireland and Europe, but also in poorer parishes in the developing world. This is why it is such a special moment because it allows all members of the universal Church family, regardless of location or background, to play a part in supporting each other.

Right now, missionaries desperately need our support. In many poorer parishes in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, missionaries are on the front line. They already do so much. Walking hand-in-hand with marginalised communities, long before and long after any emergency. Worryingly the pandemic means World Mission Sunday is in real jeopardy. Show missionaries you care by supporting World Mission Sunday. Your prayers and generosity will change lives.”