Word of God Sunday

In his Apostolic Letter of 30 September 2019, Aperuit illis Pope Francis established that the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time is to be the Sunday of the Word of God.  It is a day to be devoted to the celebration, study, and spreading of the Word of God.


Pope Francis is passionate about the Word of God. He has declared this Sunday 26 January 2020 dedicated to the Bible. Here in Dublin, some resources have been prepared https://www.dublindiocese.ie/sunday-the-word-of-god/

These may be of use to many of our readers.

World Day of the Sick 2020

February 11th, feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, is World Day of the Sick, an observation started by Pope John Paul II as a way for believers to offer prayers for those suffering from illnesses.People take time to pray for the sick and for those who work very hard to alleviate the sufferings of the sick on this day. Faith organisations mark this day especially to provide the sick with medicines, food, and spiritual guidance.

“Come to me, all you who labour and are burdened” is the theme of the World Day of the Sick 2020, to be marked on 11 February. In caring for the sick, Pope Francis is encouraging in healthcare workers the human warmth and personalized approach of Christ, the Good Samaritan.

Here in Dublin to mark World Day of the Sick there will be a seminar in Newtown Parish Pastoral Centre, Newtownpark Avenue,  Blackrock, Co Dublin on Saturday, February 8th  from 9.30am to 1.00pm and

this year’s theme is on Hope in the Face of Suicide

The World Day of the Sick Mass will take place  on Sunday 9th February at 3.00pm in Church of the Guardian Angels, Newtontownpark Avenue, Blackrock.

For more details see www.dublindiocese.ie 


Catholic School’s Week

Catholic School’s Week begins Sunday 26th January with different events to mark the gift of faith in the life of our schools. The theme this year is “Catholic Schools – Living in harmony with God’s Creation”. Here in Ballygall one big feature is Grandparents Day normally celebrated on Wednesday when grandparents are invited to the school to visit their grandchildren and share their memories of their time in school and see the differences in today’s classrooms.

Laudate Festival, with children’s choirs from 50 schools throughout the diocese, takes part in different venues throughout the diocese. Here in our sister parish, Our Lady of Victories, Ballymun Road local children are invited to take part on Tuesday 28th beginning at 7pm. All are welcome to listen and join in this festival of prayer, praise and song. This is an event for children, their parents and all parishioners to celebrate the gift of faith.

Change in Mass times

By now most people are aware that the masses in our grouping are being reduced from 1st January 2020. Weekend Masses are as follows:

Ballygall: Sat (Vigil) 6.30, Sunday 10 & 11.30

Ballymun Rd: No Sat vigil, Sunday: 10, 12 & 6pm

Glasnevin: No Sat vigil, Sunday: 9.30 (Irish), 11 & 6.30pm

Drumcondra: Sat (Vigil) 6pm, Sunday 10.30

Iona Rd: Sat (Vigil) 6pm, Sunday 11am

Each of the 5 churches also has a reduction in Weekday Masses.

Ballygall: Mon – Fri 7.25; Tue – Sat 10am (No Monday 10am Mass)

Ballymun Rd: Mon – Thurs & Sat 10am (No Friday 10am Mass)

Glasnevin: Mon – Wed, Fri & Sat 1am (No Thursday 10am Mass)

Drumcondra: Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri 10am (No Wednesday & Saturday 10am Mass)

Iona Rd: Mon, Wed – Fri 9.45am (No Tue & Saturday 9.45 Mass in church)

Oberammergau 2020 new itinerary

Booking time is now upon us. Friday 9th August is deadline with deposit of 950 euro required.

Contact MAP travel direct to book this once in a life-time trip. Our grouping of parishes is organising this trip with a visit to Salzburg for three nights and the high point the Passion play in Oberammergau on the last evening. See poster for full details of the proposed itinerary.

Oberammergau 2020 itinerary

Faith For Life

Faith for Life is a course to help you discover new ways to live out your faith in the reality of today’s world through relationships in family, parish, workplace, and the events of daily life.

Here in Ballygall we are willing to sponsor those who may be interested in taking part in this programme. If you are interested in taking part or willing to sponsor someone please contact the parish office for more details.

See www.dublindiocese.ie for full details of the programme.

Parish Trip to Knock – Update

12 of us from the parish travelled to Knock Shrine last week for an overnight trip/pilgrimage. Having arrived to Knock in time for the 3pm Mass on Sunday June 2nd we heard Fr Richard share some reflections on the great feast of the Ascension. After a relaxing evening that included rosary in St Mary’s chapel and some spiritual reflections on the same feast of the Ascension we were ready to rest in the peaceful surroundings of St Mary’s hostel (formerly convent).

On Monday we celebrated Mass in the Apparition chapel. In the afternoon on our way home we stopped in St. Mel’s Cathedral, Longford for a glimpse of the recently refurbished cathedral. There we saw two beautiful stained glass windows done by the famous Harry Clarke. 

Thanks to those who joined with us for a wonderful time and a chance to meet some of the Ryan family for a reunion meeting.

(Fr. Joseph Ryan)

Oberammergau 2020

Every 10 years the passion play is performed in Oberammergau, Germany. As a grouping of parish we intend to go in June 2020. It is a 5-day trip, costing €1,525 p.p.s. If you would like to go on this trip names need to be in ASAP and a €300 non-refundable deposit is required. Click on link below for full details of our proposed trip and/or contact Map Travel directly for booking details. Closing Date for booking is 28th June.

Having been at it in 2010 it is definitely a once in a life time event and well worth going. (Fr Joseph Ryan)

Oberammergau 2020

Dublin Pilgrimage to Knock

On Saturday 27th April we travelled to Knock to join in the diocesan pilgrimage to Knock. Well done to all who organised the pilgrimage. As a grouping of parishes we travelled together and stopped off in the traditional Longford Arms for breakfast, then onto Knock where we joined with parishes from all over the diocese of Dublin for a short history of the 140th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady to Knock given by the rector of the Shrine, Fr Richard Gibbons. After a relaxing lunch we had an opportunity for confession and then the anointing of the sick followed by Mass celebrated by Archbishop Diarmaid Martin. Dinner in Knock House Hotel and then it was back home with the required bottles of Knock water.

Thanks to all who travelled and shared in a wonderful day. Deacon Gerard Reilly and his team who did the groundwork to make the day so special. It was great to have Fr Richard Sheehy and Fr Frank Reburn with us on pilgrimage. For those who hadn’t been to Knock in a long time or only recently many graces are sure to follow. Thanks to Robert Fitzpatrick our driver who had a lovely attitude and was so patient and helpful throughout. Thanks to the five parishes of the grouping, Glasnevin, Iona Road, Corpus Christi, Ballymun Road and of course Ballygall for sending their best. An early start of 7.30 and back home by 10pm.

Well done all.

Roll on next year’s pilgrimage to Oberammergau. A little further than Knock but a special year 2020 marking the Passion play performance every 10 years in thanksgiving for saving a little village from being destroyed by a plague in 1633, almost 400 years ago. See https://www.passionsspiele-oberammergau.de/en/home for more details.



Papal Mass Cross

In August 2018 Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the Phoenix Park. Thanks to Fr Damian we were offered the cross used at that mass to replace the cross that was made locally for the opening of Ballygall church and hung in a dominant position for the past 30 years above the altar. As with all ventures there was a mixed reaction to the idea of the new cross coming to Ballygall and importantly what would become of the old one. The intention is to use the four plaques of the Evangelists and place them on the four corners of the church which were anointed when the church was consecrated in 1988.

When the old cross was taken down it was noticed that there had been some fire damage but thanks to the solid workmanship the cross didn’t take fire and do severe damage to not only the cross but the whole church.

 (Fire damage mark on one of the arms of the cross)

The new cross was designed from the Penal days when the Catholic Church was under persecution. Blessed Margaret Ball who lived in what is now Hillcrest Park lived and died during that time of persecution. She witnessed with her life to the Christian faith and is a wonderful role model for us today in a time when our church is being purified for the mistakes of the past and a reminder that Christ will persevere. 

 (On the new cross the arms of Jesus are much larger than normal reminding us of the far reaching arms of God to us in love and compassion)

There will also be a number of extra lights to add to the celebration of our liturgies in Ballygall. This will add to the brightness of the church and also the words of comfort on the back wall will be brighter. There will be a light highlighting the Tabernacle during the daytime drawing us into a deeper relationship with Jesus, the Bread of Life. There will also be a spotlight focusing on the Baptismal Font to be used on Holy Saturday night and during Baptisms when our new members will be welcomed into the community of Ballygall parish.

See also Fr. Damian’s piece on the new cross here