Christmas shopping online

Each year the sisters from Belarus have joined us on a week morning before the build up to Christmas with lots of unusual stock that many of you have got over the years. This year they are unable to travel to Ireland but have launched their online shopping service. You might like to check it out. 

I include the full copy of the email that they sent to me. (Looks like the prices are in American Dollars.)


Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The joyous Christmas season is approaching! The season that is filled with love, family and, most importantly, God. 

As you may be aware, Sisters from the St. Elisabeth Convent (Minsk, Belarus) are unable to participate in annual Christmas markets in our region due to travel restrictions. Nevertheless they have found a great way to spread the Christmas joy, love and deeds of mercy. 

They are launching the very first Online Christmas Market this year, so that people from all over the world can purchase Christmas presents and souvenirs made with love and continuous prayer. 

Please, click here to participate: 

Through purchasing beautiful Christmas gifts each one of us will be able to serve the poor, sick, homeless and lonely people. Because every item purchased at the Online Market is a donation towards one of the Convent’s ministries.      

The Online Christmas Market of St. Elisabeth Convent offers a range of unique handmade items that will make memorable Christmas gifts, including:

  • traditional hand painted Christmas ornaments;

  • wooden toys and souvenirs;

  • Santa Claus and Father Frost figures;

  • handcrafted Christmas tree baubles;

  • Nativity scenes and sets;

  • Christmas themed ceramics and glass products;

  • Orthodox Nativity icons;

  • Russian matryoshka dolls and much more.

Sisters are sending their prayers and blessings from Minsk.