Sunday: Vigil (Sat) 6.30 p.m. (Community Singing)
9 a.m. (Early Mass), 10.30 a.m. (Family Mass) & 12 Noon (Parish Choir) {During the Summer there will be no 10.30a.m. Mass}

Monday – Friday 7.25 a.m. & 10 a.m. (During the summer months there will be no 10am Mass on Tuesdays.  Our Mass will be celebrated in OLV Ballymun Road church instead. Check weekly newsletter for details)
Saturday 10 a.m.

Eve of Holy day*: 6.30 p.m.

Mass Times 2020 – click here

Holy Day*: 7.25 a.m. & 10 a.m. (These are for working Holy days. If the holy day falls on Saturday then there is just the 10 a.m. Mass on the day). Please check newsletter in case of changes to this.

* Masses for St. Patrick’s Day are: Vigil 6.30 p.m.; St. Patrick’s Day 9.00 a.m, 10.30 a.m. and 12 noon.

* Christmas Day Mass times: Vigil 6.30pm & 8.30pm; Christmas morning 9.00 a.m, 10.30 a.m. and 12 noon.

See your weekly newsletter for other Holiday and Bank Holiday variances and for Lenten and Advent Liturgy details

Some years ago Ballygall Parish was asked to provide Mass Broadcasts on the Radio for our Parishioners who were confined to their homes through illness or for other reasons.  After looking into this, Mass on the Radio was set up, and now morning Mass at 10am is relayed each weekday morning.  All of the Sunday Masses go out over the radio, which is on the FM/CB wavelength.  A special multi-band receiver (radio) can be had from the parish office if you wish to have one in your home.  The Parish Team will always be glad to show you how this works.

Access internet broadcasts of our services via MyBallygallTV here

Glasnevin – 6.30 p.m. (Sat.), 9.30 a.m.(Irish), 11.00 a.m. 6.30 p.m. {Summer 2019 No Vigil Mass}
Ballymun Road – 6.00 p.m. (Sat.), 10.00 a.m., 12 noon, {Summer 2019 Mass at 11.00am} (Sept – June 6.30 p.m.) 
Drumcondra – 6.30 p.m. (Sat.), 9.30 a.m., 11.30 a.m.
Iona Road – 6.00 p.m. (Sat.), 11 a.m.

Confession in Ballygall is available:
Saturdays After 10am Mass and after the 6.30pm Vigil Mass

Individual confessions are always available on request.

Lenten Penance Service with the Franciscan Fathers will be celebrated generally on Wednesday of Holy Week at 7.30pm.  

Advent Penance Service with the Franciscan Fathers takes place generally the Wednesday before Christmas. Check the newsletter for actual date.