Change in Mass times

By now most people are aware that the masses in our grouping are being reduced from 1st January 2020. Weekend Masses are as follows:

Ballygall: Sat (Vigil) 6.30, Sunday 10 & 11.30

Ballymun Rd: No Sat vigil, Sunday: 10, 12 & 6pm

Glasnevin: No Sat vigil, Sunday: 9.30 (Irish), 11 & 6.30pm

Drumcondra: Sat (Vigil) 6pm, Sunday 10.30

Iona Rd: Sat (Vigil) 6pm, Sunday 11am

Each of the 5 churches also has a reduction in Weekday Masses.

Ballygall: Mon – Fri 7.25; Tue – Sat 10am (No Monday 10am Mass)

Ballymun Rd: Mon – Thurs & Sat 10am (No Friday 10am Mass)

Glasnevin: Mon – Wed, Fri & Sat 1am (No Thursday 10am Mass)

Drumcondra: Mon, Tue, Thur & Fri 10am (No Wednesday & Saturday 10am Mass)

Iona Rd: Mon, Wed – Fri 9.45am (No Tue & Saturday 9.45 Mass in church)