Church Cleanup

A huge thank you to those who were in a position to help out this morning (Saturday 15th) with cleaning of the church. It was a rotten day so we didn’t venture outside but to those who helped out in the cleaning inside, Well Done. I was away with a funeral and when I returned I could see and smell the shining. Cobwebs gone, windows sparkling, plaques and seats gleaming. Even though the numbers were small the dedication and pride was obvious. 

Well done ladies and gents. 

Fr. Joseph

(On a side note, we were thinking of putting up the outdoor crib at 2pm on Tuesday afternoon and the indoor crib and decorations on Thursday morning after 10am Mass. Perhaps you might like to come and give a hand at either of these activities. As my father used to say, “Many hands make light work, especially at the table”).

Thanks again to those who ventured out this morning and braving the elements.