Griffith Close & Heights – Memorial Service August 2017


A number of the neighbours gathered on Saturday 5th August 2017 to remember those who died over recent times in the Griffith area, in particular on Griffith Close and Griffith Heights.

A tree was planted and the names of those who died were inscribed on memorial stones. Fr Joseph was invited to bless the memorial tree and bless the houses in the locality. After prayers people chatted and even a bottle or two of vino appeared and “vanished”.

Over the years there have been different deaths, tragic, sudden, after long/short illnesses. In each case families are left behind to carry on. To have a special place to remember and say a little prayer can be of great consolation.

 This memorial space brings a sense of community and no one is alone. We all have neighbours and are together in our grief and joys too.

Some of those who gathered at the corner of Griffith Close for the blessing ceremony. Thanks to those who organised the event and may the memories be a source of strength and blessing to all who are grieving at this time.

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