Easter Sunday – Family Mass

After a week of various Family mass group ceremonies beginning with Palm Sunday through Holy Thursday and Good Friday, our Easter celebration came to an end with a lovely vibrant Easter Sunday Mass celebrating Christ’s resurrection. The children as always were at their best as they led us in prayer through words actions and song.  They all began by processing into church waving their ribbons with enthusiasm, while singing  with the choir led by Elizabeth ‘This is the Day.’ Fr Joe welcomed everyone to our celebration and Ellen and Miriam introduced our Mass for us.  Orla, Jamie and Eoghan acted out a wonderful, simple and fruitful dramatisation of the bible story of what happened on Easter morning. This helped us to focus and listen to the Word of God and reminded us as Pope St. John Paul II proclaimed, “We are an Easter people, and alleluia is our song!”  During our prayers of the faithful we prayed for those in need and that Jesus would be our friend. Our Mass concluded with Fr Joe getting a lovely Easter Egg as we all know he loves chocolate! and a blessing.