Family Mass Lenten Journey 2018


Gospel story; ‘Jesus in the Desert’ Mark 1: 12-15 

Today the first Sunday of Lent, we listened to the gospel story of how Jesus spent forty days in the desert alone and how he prayed to God the Father to help him.

We also took the time to reflect on how we can, as the Family of God, spend our Lent this year. Ellen clearly and simply explained that this Lent as part of the Family mass’s Lenten journey, that each Sunday of Lent after the 10.3a.m. the children will be invited to take a thought for the week home with them.  These thoughts will reflect a variety of themes for the children to explore during Lent, including: love, forgiveness, respect, thanksgiving and prayer. Today they also received a laminated sheet for them to place each thought on. On Holy Thursday, the children will be asked to bring back their completed sheet with all their Lenten efforts recorded.

This week we have been asked to remember to say sorry if we hurt someone or maybe to forgive someone who hurts us and to remember to say sorry to God.  Like Jesus in today’s Gospel story we pray to God our Father and ask  him to help us to do our best this week and remember to say ‘sorry’ and to ‘forgive’.


Click on the these links for more Lenten activities  (Click on Children’s corner. This has good ideas on prayer and activities on “sorry”)