Family Mass Easter Sunday

He is Risen Alleluia!

The Risen Lord by Chinese artist He Qi

The  children  as  always  helped  us  to  celebrate  most  meaningfully  the  high moments  of  the  Liturgical  year.

On Holy Thursday, they gathered around the altar with Fr. Harry. Their re-enactment of    the Last Supper  left  us  in  no  doubt  about  Jesus’  message  of  Love  and  Service.  The dressing of the altar with a beautiful cloth depicting these scenes, which was made by them, added so much to the occasion. The celebration of this Eucharist was much appreciated by the congregation present.

Good Friday saw all the children back again. They took us through the stations  of  the  cross,  acting  out  each  one   in  a  dignified  and  reflective manner.

On Easter Sunday, we were greeted by a lovely Easter garden they had created which displays new beginnings and nature. We felt  the  joy  of  the  Resurrection  with  the  heartfelt singing  of  the  Alleluia  by  all  the  children  as  they  waved  their  yellow  banners. They  dramatized  the  Gospel  highlighting  the  wonder  and  awe  of  the Easter  story.

Many  thanks  to  all  the  children,  their  parents  and  to  those  who  helped  in any  way  to  prepare  them  for  these  ceremonies.  Thanks also to Fr. Joe, Fr. Harry, Sr. Irene and all involved in the choir who added so much to the celebrations. After all their hard work everyone had more than earned their Easter Eggs.

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