Family Mass update 5th March 2017

First Sunday of Lent 2017

Gospel story; ‘Jesus in the Desert’ Matthew 4: 1-11

We had a very good start to Lent this year.  The children were well prepared from the practice on Thursday.  They all read clearly and with reverence. The choir were in fine voice and sang their hearts out. Susan spoke from the heart, giving her insights on Lent touching everyone in the congregation, while Orla’s Newsletter captured our aspirations for Lent. It was thoughtfully and beautifully presented. After Mass, children took an ‘act of love for Jesus’ and enthusiastically took on work with the Lenten calender.  All went home well nourished on the word of God and ready for the week ahead.

            Our prayer for this week is

Dear Jesus, Help us to be still and quiet this week

And to take time to listen to what God is saying to us.

Help us when we are tempted

to trust you that we will do the right thing

And grow in friendship with all. Amen.

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