After a year of screens, many people are looking forward to ordering a book and sitting with text instead of blue screen. If you’re looking for nice reads this summer here are a few ideas.

Jane Mellet and Triona Doherty have produced a new Sunday reflections series for following Luke this winter – with a focus on inclusion and environment. This will be a great complement to many people’s own prayer journey in lockdown and beyond.

Dipping into Life. Reflections on Ordinary Time with Fr Alan Hilliard. This is a follow on from Alan’s Dipping into Lent and into Advent series. Beautiful photos and short reflections.

The Way to Manresa: Discoveries along the Ignatian Camino, Brendan McManus SJ. ‘There is wisdom here in dealing with the struggle to let go of plans and expectations… McManus’s central message is that letting go of control allows God in.

Journeys of Faith (Stories of Pilgrimage from Medieval Ireland, Louise Nugent)

Food, Feast and Fast (The Christian Era from Ancient World to Environmental Crisis, P. Fintan Lyons OSB)

Horizons of Hope (Unpublished Fragments of Love from Daniel O’Leary)