Preparing for your wedding in our parish church requires that you contact either priest of the Parish. He will inform you of what is required by Church and State. He will give the couple the necessary documentation which will explain the details and requirements needed civilly and for the celebration of their marriage in church.

The Church requires each couple to complete a Pre-Marriage course. ACCORD is the main diocesan approved provider of Marriage courses and support in living out the gift of marriage in an often challenging world. There are a number of other agencies providing similar courses. The priest will arrange with the couple the procedure required for filling out the Pre-Nuptial Enquiry Forms (Marriage Papers). Recently issued Baptism and Confirmation certificates will be basic requirements. If a couple have lived in a different parish after they have reached 18 they will be required to have either a letter of freedom or Statement of Freedom to marry.

The Family Law Act requires a couple to give a minimum of three months’ notice to the Registrar of Marriages, Lombard Street, Dublin 2.