The schools, the parents and the parish join together in the preparation of the children for the first Eucharist. The parish organises “Do This in Memory”, a parish-based preparation programme for all children who are preparing for the First Eucharist each year, whether they attend our parish schools or not. The children and their parents attend this programme at the 10.30am Eucharist on one Sunday each month throughout the year. A group of volunteer parents help organise the liturgy each Sunday and encourage active participation by the children and families. A member of the parish team is a regular visitor to the First Communion classes in our parish schools.

Contact: The Parish Office

** Important Dates **

Congratulations to all who celebrated their First Holy Communion with us in May 2019. The programme below is what the children took part during the past school year. The dates will change but will be roughly the same for those preparing for Holy Communion in 2020. The Do This In Memory programme is a helpful aid to parents and children preparing for the sacraments in Ballygall. More anon…..

A meeting will be held for parents and guardians of First Holy Communion Children from Sacred Heart and Our Mother of Divine Grace Schools on Tuesday evening 8th October at 7.00pm here in the church. The enrolment of children for First Holy Communion will take place at the children’s Mass (10.30) next Sunday 13th October.

Volunteers are always welcome to help out with the Do This in Memory Programme, which will begin on Sunday 13th October 2019 at 10.30am Mass.

Wishing the boys and girls and their families God’s blessing over the year in their preparations to become more part of the Christian community in Ballygall and further afield.