The Priests and Funeral Team in Ballygall represent our Faith Community and we are here to journey with and journey with you at this difficult and traumatic time.

For us Christians, even in the midst of hardship and pain, we know that death is not the end; rather is it the beginning of a new and glorified life with God forever.

If at all possible, when contacted, a priest will visit before the death of your loved one, to administer the last rites and pray with the dying person and your family. He will be there to provide comfort, consolation and hope.

After the death, the Funeral Team will listen to you and support you, as well as help you to prepare a funeral liturgy. We will be present at the Funeral Mass to guide you in any way which may be necessary.

Later, we will organise a Month’s Mind Mass so that once again you, your family and your loved one will be prayed for.

In November each year, we celebrate Special Mass to remember all who have died throughout the year. You will be invited to this so that you can keep the memory of your loved one alive. We hope this occasion will also support and help you and your family with your process of grieving.