Impact of the Corona Virus (Covid19) July update

Now that restrictions have been reduced we are back to celebrating Mass with the public being able to attend. We are celebrating 10am Mass every day. Monday to Sunday. We also have the Saturday vigil Mass at 6.30pm. Numbers are restricted to 50 though we hope to bring that up to 100 in the near future. People are reminded that the obligation to attend Sunday Mass is still ‘on hold’ for the moment. We are suggesting that people might opt to attend weekday mass instead of Sunday or only attend once every few weeks to enable others to attend. Mass can still be viewed online at this link.

The church continues to be open after Mass  once it has been sanitised for private prayer only.

The official time is from 12 midday until 6pm each day. We are trying to be open from 11am each day. Most days the church stays open until 8pm but this may change from a day to day basis. People are reminded of the HSE requirements at all times. Distancing, hand sanitising etc are the current norms. It is suggested that visits be kept to a maximum of 15 minutes and that visitors refrain from sitting in the seat. However if a seat is required you are asked to take responsibility for keeping the area clean after your visit. This will mean bringing a wipe and rubbing the seat and area in front of you after use. We will close the church earlier on Saturday evening at 5.30pm to prepare for the vigil Mass.

Saturday Vigil Mass 6.30pm and Sunday morning at 10am continues to be broadcast from Ballygall. On Sunday the 9.30am Mass will be broadcast from St. Alphonsus Monastery, and 11.00 a.m. from Iona Road church. Our Lady of Victories is also broadcasting Sunday Mass at 10am ( and Our Lady of Dolours is broadcasting at 12 noon and 6.30pm. ( RTE is broadcasting daily Mass on RTE News Now at 10.30 a.m. from different churches throughout Ireland. Sunday times may vary. Currently 2pm and a repeat later in the evening. 

More information can be found here