As part of our steps in relaxing COVID restrictions we are hoping to bring in some changes in our gathering for Eucharist.

The first notable change will begin from Monday 21st February when the procession for Holy Communion will resume once more. We ask that people when coming forward for Holy Communion will keep a distance of 1 metre to ensure safe reception of communion. Holy Communion will continue to be distributed only on the hand for the moment.

We are still not permitted to provide Holy Water on the way in to church.

Hand sanitising and face covering are still required. The seats will no longer be sanitised after Mass. This means that the need for hand sanitising both entering and exiting is even greater.

Seating will continue to be limited to every second row.

At the weekend Masses the stewards will continue with the collections as currently are being done.

For Lent it is our intention to resume the 7.25am Mass.

We are awaiting clarification on the distribution of ashes for Ash Wednesday.