The birth of a baby is a very special and joyful event in a family. We warmly welcome parents who wish to have their child baptised.  Baptism is the first sacrament received as the child becomes a member of God’s family.

Members of the Baptism Team welcome and support parents who ask for the gift of
Baptism for their children. The Baptism Team represent the parish welcoming community, as Baptism is a parish celebration as well as a family one. Members of the Baptism Team with the parents, to explore the meaning and significance of Baptism, enabling the family to celebrate their child’s Baptism in a meaningful and welcoming way.

Baptisms take place on

  • first Saturday of the month at 4 pm
  • third Sunday of the month at 12.30 pm. (after 11.30 Sunday Mass)

The Baptism Preparation meeting takes place on the Monday evening before the first Saturday at 7.30pm in the church. If this day happens to be a bank holiday the meeting will be transferred to the Tuesday night.

Please book the Baptism the previous month by contacting the Parish Office, details can be found here.

For an adult seeking Baptism, they are introduced to the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) programme. Usually the adult has reflected on this for a long time and has decided that they would like to have a Christian identity and a sense of belonging to the Christian faith community. Our Parish RCIA team supports the adult seeking Baptism on their journey.