Family Mass Lenten Journey Week 4

Fourth Sunday of Lent 


The Gospel John 3: 14-21

As we continue our Lenten journey,  we took time to-day to think about how great God’s love is for us. We were reminded in our Gospel story today that because God loves us so much he sent his son Jesus to be a light for us. Jesus shows us how to live and how to love.  During this week we will remember to love God in return by being kind and loving to others. 


Jesus, you are a light to the world.

You want us to stay close to you and follow your way.

Help us during our Lenten Journey to be loving and kind.

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Snow recedes

Well done to all who helped out over the weekend to make our church accessible for Sunday services. Thank you to those who cleared the snow. Thanks to those who helped clear neighbours’ drives etc. Now it’s business as usual. Let us continue our Lenten journey in faith and trust in the Lord who has risen for us.

Family Mass Lenten Journey Week 3

Third Sunday of Lent

John 4: 1-28

Samaritisn Woman at the Well by Chinese Artist He Qi

During the word of God today we listened to the story of  Jesus talkijng to the Samartian Woman at the Well. God loves all people no matter where they come from. And God asks us to be like Jesus to care for and respect all people.  So this week will show respect by

  • always saying please and thank you.
  • Keeping my room tidy
  • God made the world and I will be thankful to him.


God our Father as we continue our journey through Lent, may our hearts be open to your love and care for us. Help us to grow in your love and to do all that we can to help build a better world by showing respect for ourselves and everything around us.  Amen

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Click here for a short film on the Woman at the Well

Family Mass Lenten Journey week 2


Second Sunday of Lent 2018


Moses, Jesus and Elijah

This week in our gospel story we heard God the Father asking us to ‘Listen to his son, Jesus. We don’t always find it  easy to listen. There are many distractions in our everyday lives, like television, computer games and toys. So our thought or task for this week is to try to ‘Listen’ more. We promise       

  • to listen to our Mams and Dads
  • to say thanks for all that we have,
  • to talk to God every day, knowing that he will listen to me.

Dear Jesus, help us this week

to listen to our Mams and Dads

And to thank them for all that we have

Help us to make time to listen 

to what God is s aying to us

Because we know he listens to us.


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Family Mass Lenten Journey 2018


Gospel story; ‘Jesus in the Desert’ Mark 1: 12-15 

Today the first Sunday of Lent, we listened to the gospel story of how Jesus spent forty days in the desert alone and how he prayed to God the Father to help him.

We also took the time to reflect on how we can, as the Family of God, spend our Lent this year. Ellen clearly and simply explained that this Lent as part of the Family mass’s Lenten journey, that each Sunday of Lent after the 10.3a.m. the children will be invited to take a thought for the week home with them.  These thoughts will reflect a variety of themes for the children to explore during Lent, including: love, forgiveness, respect, thanksgiving and prayer. Today they also received a laminated sheet for them to place each thought on. On Holy Thursday, the children will be asked to bring back their completed sheet with all their Lenten efforts recorded.

This week we have been asked to remember to say sorry if we hurt someone or maybe to forgive someone who hurts us and to remember to say sorry to God.  Like Jesus in today’s Gospel story we pray to God our Father and ask  him to help us to do our best this week and remember to say ‘sorry’ and to ‘forgive’.


Click on the these links for more Lenten activities  (Click on Children’s corner. This has good ideas on prayer and activities on “sorry”)   

St Valentine’s Day

How one couple used their vouchers

This initiative from the World Meeting of Families 2018 is inspired by The Joy of Love, a letter from Pope Francis to the world, where he emphasises the fundamental importance of time together and personal communication as foundations for a love that lasts.