Hello and welcome to the Family mass group section.

Our Family mass is at 10:30am every Sunday, everyone welcome.


During Lent we are preparing to get ready to celebrate Easter, when Jesus died on the cross and rose again on Easter Sunday.

For our Lenten journey we have chosen the theme:


How can we listen to Jesus?

By listening to the readings and gospel at Mass

By taking a little time to be still and quiet when we pray

By taking time to listen to others each day

We have chosen two symbols to help us with our Lenten journey

The first symbol is the cross

We have placed the words “Listening to Jesus” on the outstretched arms of the cross.

Every week at the end of mass we will have an opportunity to take a task, an “Act of love for Jesus” from our Lenten basket and put it into action.

The second symbol is the fish

When a task is taken from the Lenten basket, a coloured fish (The icthus fish symbol was used a long time ago as a special sign of being a friend of Jesus) can be taken and placed at the foot of the cross as a sign of our promise to do our best this Lent.